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Projecttitle COSMOS+: Linking the Dutch prospective cohort study on ELF and RF exposure to the international cohort study on mobile phone use and health and creating a central data analysis centre
Investigators Dr. ir. R.C. Vermeulen, prof. dr. ir. J. Kromhout
Type of project International exchange and collaboration
Project leader Dr. ir. R.C. Vermeulen, prof. dr. ir. J. Kromhout
  • COSMOS consortium: Prof. dr. A. Ahlbom (Karolinska Institute, Sweden),
  • Prof. dr. A. Auvinen (University of Tampere, Finland),
  • Prof. dr. P. Elliot (Imperial College, UK),
  • Prof. dr. J. Schüz (Danish Cancer Society, Denmark)
Time frame 2009 - 2014 (5 years, 60 months)
Funded by ZonMW Programme 'Electromagnetic Fields and Health'
Short description

To setup a central data analysis centre (CDAC) at IRAS, Utrecht University, for the COSMOS consortium in which UK, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands participate.


Several European countries (i.e. UK, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark) have launched prospective cohort studies on mobile phone related health risks, which besides the possibility to study multiple health endpoints (e.g. brain tumors, hemato- and lymphoproliferative cancers, and neurodegenerative and cerebrovascular diseases) also enables the collection of exposure data before the onset of disease. The Netherlands has joined this so-called COSMOS consortium and will carry out a prospective study in which existing cohorts will be pooled to study chronic health effects of RF and ELF from mobile phones and other sources, funded under the ZonMW EMF and Health Program. The total projected study population is currently ~225,000 subjects.

The main aim of the COSMOS consortium is to ensure that all participating studies use similar protocols to enable the pooling of data in the future. Pooling of data is deemed necessary to address the possible associations between RF exposure and relatively rare diseases such as cancer of the brain. This additional project sets out to establish a central data analysis centre (CDAC) for such pooled analyses.


The main tasks of the CDAC will be:

  • To establish a centralized COSMOS database in which all relevant epidemiological data is maintained.
  • To ensure all data is standardized according to a common format.
  • To facilitate and undertake central data analyses on multiple health endpoints.
  • To develop and maintain a core COSMOS website with information for the public.
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