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Output, Journal articles and reviewed book chapters 2008

Abma, R, Boer, H, Douma, G, Hoeck, B van, Lipman, L, Gaastra, W.
PubMed: 18788187 "[What the practicing veterinarian should know about rat bite fever]" Tijdschr Diergeneeskd (0.309) 133(16) [2008], pp. 668-670
Aguilera, I, Sunyer, J, Fernandez-Patier, R, Hoek, G, Aguirre-Alfaro, A, Meliefste, K, Bomboi-Mingarro, MT, Nieuwenhuijsen, MJ, Herce-Garraleta, D, Brunekreef, B.
PubMed: 18323107 "Estimation of outdoor NO(x), NO(2), and BTEX exposure in a cohort of pregnant women using land use regression modeling" Environ Sci Technol (4.458) 42(3) [2008], pp. 815-821
Anderson, HR, Gupta, R, Kapetanakis, V, Asher, MI, Clayton, T, Robertson, CF, Strachan, DP.
PubMed: 18343854 "International correlations between indicators of prevalence, hospital admissions and mortality for asthma in children" Int J Epidemiol (5.838) 37(3) [2008], pp. 573-582
Antova, T, Pattenden, S, Brunekreef, B, Heinrich, J, Rudnai, P, Forastiere, F, Luttmann-Gibson, H, Grize, L, Katsnelson, B, Moshammer, H, Nikiforov, B, Slachtova, H, Slotova, K, Zlotkowska, R, Fletcher, T.
PubMed: 18621956 "Exposure to indoor mould and children's respiratory health in the PATY study" J Epidemiol Community Health (3.186) 62(8) [2008], pp. 708-714
Avsaroglu, H, Bull, S, Maas-Bakker, RF, Scherpenisse, P, Lith, HA van, Bergwerff, AA, Hellebrekers, LJ, Zutphen, LF van, Fink-Gremmels, J.
PubMed: 18638298 "Differences in hepatic cytochrome P450 activity correlate with the strain-specific biotransformation of medetomidine in AX/JU and IIIVO/JU inbred rabbits" J Vet Pharmacol Ther (1.581) 31(4) [2008], pp. 368-377
Bal-Price, AK, Sunol, C, Weiss, DG, Vliet, E van, Westerink, RH, Costa, LG.
PubMed: 18417220 "Application of in vitro neurotoxicity testing for regulatory purposes: Symposium III summary and research needs" Neurotoxicology (2.409) 29(3) [2008], pp. 519-530
Barten, M, Noordhuizen, JP, Lipman, LJ.
PubMed: 18947047 "Application of HACCP principles to control visitor health threats on dairy farms open to the general public" Tijdschr Diergeneeskd (0.309) 133(19) [2008], pp. 796-800
Beasley, R, Clayton, T, Crane, J, von Mutius, E, Lai, CK, Montefort, S, Stewart, A.
PubMed: 18805332 "Association between paracetamol use in infancy and childhood, and risk of asthma, rhinoconjunctivitis, and eczema in children aged 6-7 years: analysis from Phase Three of the ISAAC programme" Lancet (28.409) 372(9643) [2008], pp. 1039-1048
Beelen, R, Hoek, G, Brandt, PA van den, Goldbohm, RA, Fischer, P, Schouten, LJ, Armstrong, B, Brunekreef, B.
PubMed: 18633326 "Long-term exposure to traffic-related air pollution and lung cancer risk" Epidemiology (5.406) 19(5) [2008], pp. 702-710
Beelen, R, Hoek, G, Brandt, PA van den, Goldbohm, RA, Fischer, P, Schouten, LJ, Jerrett, M, Hughes, E, Armstrong, B, Brunekreef, B.
PubMed: 18288318 "Long-term effects of traffic-related air pollution on mortality in a Dutch cohort (NLCS-AIR study)" Environ Health Perspect (6.123) 116(2) [2008], pp. 196-202
Benhabib, K, Laak, TL ter, Leeuwen, HP van
PubMed: 18243879 "Steady-state diffusion regime in solid-phase microextraction kinetics" Anal Chim Acta (3.146) 609(1) [2008], pp. 113-119
Berg, B van den, Grievink, L, Velden, PG van der, Yzermans, CJ, Stellato, RK, Lebret, E, Brunekreef, B.
PubMed: 17892620 "Risk factors for physical symptoms after a disaster: a longitudinal study" Psychol Med (4.718) 38(4) [2008], pp. 499-510
Berg, B van den, Yzermans, CJ, Velden, PG van der, Stellato, RK, Lebret, E, Grievink, L.
PubMed: 17888144 "Are physical symptoms among survivors of a disaster presented to the general practitioner? A comparison between self-reports and GP data" BMC Health Serv Res (1.680) 7(1) [2007], pp. 150
Blaauboer, BJ.
PubMed: 18586419 "The contribution of in vitro toxicity data in hazard and risk assessment: current limitations and future perspectives" Toxicol Lett (3.249) 180(2) [2008], pp. 81-84
Bobeldijk, I, Karlsson, D, Pronk, A, Gonsalves, J, Hekman, M, Lagemaat, D van de, Preller, L, Heederik, D, Skarping, G.
PubMed: 18812390 "Validation of Transferability of DBA Derivatization and LC-MS/MS Determination Method for Isocyanates via an Interlaboratory Comparison" Ann Occup Hyg (1.787) 52(8) [2008], pp. 757-763
Bonassi, S, Norppa, H, Ceppi, M, Stromberg, U, Vermeulen, R, Znaor, A, Cebulska-Wasilewska, A, Fabianova, E, Fucic, A, Gundy, S, Hansteen, IL, Knudsen, LE, Lazutka, J, Rossner, P, Sram, RJ, Boffetta, P.
PubMed: 18356148 "Chromosomal aberration frequency in lymphocytes predicts the risk of cancer: results from a pooled cohort study of 22 358 subjects in 11 countries" Carcinogenesis (5.210) 29(6) [2008], pp. 1178-1183
Bongers, S, Janssen, NA, Reiss, B, Grievink, L, Lebret, E, Kromhout, H.
PubMed: 18461091 "Challenges of exposure assessment for health studies in the aftermath of chemical incidents and disasters" J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol (2.196) 18(4) [2008], pp. 341-359
Borgsteede, FH, Doorn, DCK van, Eysker, M, Nijsse, ER, Ploeger, HW, Giessen, JW van der, Knapen, F van, Overgaauw, PAM.
PubMed: 18505233 "[Uniform European guidelines of deworming of cats and dogs (ESCCAP)]" Tijdschr Diergeneeskd (0.309) 133(8) [2008], pp. 345
Bottema, RW, Reijmerink, NE, Kerkhof, M, Koppelman, GH, Stelma, FF, Gerritsen, J, Thijs, C, Brunekreef, B, Schayck, CP van, Postma, DS.
PubMed: 18417506 "Interleukin 13, CD14, pet and tobacco smoke influence atopy in three Dutch cohorts: the allergenic study" Eur Respir J (5.545) 32(3) [2008], pp. 593-602
Bottini, AA, Alepee, N, Phillips, B, Gribaldo, L, De Silva, O, Hartung, T, Hendriksen, C, Kuil, J, Pazos, P, Rhein, C, Schiffelers, MJ, Stokes, W, Theobald, A, Vidal, JM, Sandt, H van de, Breier, S, Sintes, JR, Blaauboer, B.
PubMed: 18662098 "Optimisation of the post-validation process: the report and recommendations of ECVAM Workshop 67" Altern Lab Anim (3.014) 36(3) [2008], pp. 353-66
Brouw, ML op den, Jong, MA de, Ludwig, IS, Molen, RG van der, Janssen, HL, Geijtenbeek, TB, Woltman, AM.
PubMed: 18482282 "Branched oligosaccharide structures on HBV prevent interaction with both DC-SIGN and L-SIGN" J Viral Hepat (3.326) 15(9) [2008], pp. 675-83
Brunekreef, B.
PubMed: 18602771 "Environmental epidemiology and risk assessment" Toxicol Lett (3.249) 180(2) [2008], pp. 118-122
Brunekreef, B, Maynard, RL.
"A note on the 2008 EU standards for particulate matter" Atmos Environ (2.890) 42(26) [2008], pp. 6425-6430
Burstyn, I, Kromhout, H.
PubMed: 18464093 "Still no evidence that coal tar exposure confounded the association between bitumen/asphalt fume and lung cancer in the cohort of European asphalt workers" J Occup Environ Hyg (0.971) 5(7) [2008], pp. D73-5; author reply D75-6
Burt, SA.
"[Antibacterial activity and volatile oils: possible applications in foods and animal feed]" Nederlands tijdschrift voor fytotherapie - NTvF 20(4) [2007], pp. 3-6
Burt, SA, Halkes, SBA, Knapen, F van
PubMed: 19040087 "[Antibacterial activity and volatile oils: useful in foods and animal feed]" Tijdschr Diergeneeskd (0.309) 133(21) [2008], pp. 902-905
Canton, RF, Peijnenburg, AA, Hoogenboom, RL, Piersma, AH, Ven, LT van der, Berg, M van den, Heneweer, M.
PubMed: 18534652 "Subacute effects of hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) on hepatic gene expression profiles in rats" Toxicol Appl Pharmacol (3.364) 231(2) [2008], pp. 267-272
Canton, RF, Scholten, DE, Marsh, G, Jong, PC de, Berg, M van den
PubMed: 18022659 "Inhibition of human placental aromatase activity by hydroxylated polybrominated diphenyl ethers (OH-PBDEs)" Toxicol Appl Pharmacol (3.364) 227(1) [2008], pp. 68-75
Carfi, M, Croera, C, Ferrario, D, Campi, V, Bowe, G, Pieters, R, Gribaldo, L.
PubMed: 18501494 "TBTC induces adipocyte differentiation in human bone marrow long term culture" Toxicology (2.409) 249(1) [2008], pp. 11-18
Castano-Vinyals, G, Cantor, KP, Malats, N, Tardon, A, Garcia-Closas, R, Serra, C, Carrato, A, Rothman, N, Vermeulen, R, Silverman, D, Dosemeci, M, Kogevinas, M.
PubMed: 17634245 "Air pollution and risk of urinary bladder cancer in a case-control study in Spain" Occup Environ Med (3.302) 65(1) [2008], pp. 56-60
Chen, CM, Gehring, U, Wickman, M, Hoek, G, Giovannangelo, M, Nordling, E, Wijga, A, Jongste, J de, Pershagen, G, Almqvist, C, Kerkhof, M, Bellander, T, Wichmann, HE, Brunekreef, B, Heinrich, J.
PubMed: 17980657 "Domestic cat allergen and allergic sensitisation in young children" Int J Hyg Environ Health (2.158) 211(3-4) [2008], pp. 337-344
Clewell, HJ, 3rd, Andersen, ME, Blaauboer, BJ.
PubMed: 18588959 "On the incorporation of chemical-specific information in risk assessment" Toxicol Lett (3.249) 180(2) [2008], pp. 100-109
De Rosa, M, Knapen, F van, Brom, FW.
PubMed: 18833727 "Risk analysis-based food safety policy: scientific factors versus socio-cultural factors" Tijdschr Diergeneeskd (0.309) 133(18) [2008], pp. 746-753
Dijk, AJ van, Parvizi, N, Taverne, MA, Fink-Gremmels, J.
PubMed: 19000269 "Placental transfer and pharmacokinetics of allopurinol in late pregnant sows and their fetuses" J Vet Pharmacol Ther (1.581) 31(6) [2008], pp. 489-495
Dijk, I van, Meulenbelt, J.
"Intoxicatie met magnesium, een 'vergeten' elektrolyt" Ned Tijdschr Geneeskd 152(25) [2008], pp. 1401-1405
Dijkema, MBA, Zee, SC van der, Brunekreef, B, Strien, RT.
"Air quality effects of an urban highway speed limit reduction" Atmos Environ (2.890) 42(40) [2008], pp. 9098-9105
Dingemans, MM, Groot, A de, Kleef, RG van, Bergman, A, Berg, M van den, Vijverberg, HP, Westerink, RH.
PubMed: 18470311 "Hydroxylation increases the neurotoxic potential of BDE-47 to affect exocytosis and calcium homeostasis in PC12 cells" Environ Health Perspect (6.123) 116(5) [2008], pp. 637-643
Droge, ST, Postma, JF, Hermens, JL.
PubMed: 18589990 "Sediment toxicity of a rapidly biodegrading nonionic surfactant: Comparing the equilibrium partitioning approach with measurements in pore water" Environ Sci Technol (4.458) 42(11) [2008], pp. 4215-4221
Dryson, E, t Mannetje, A, Walls, C, McLean, D, McKenzie, F, Maule, M, Cheng, S, Cunningham, C, Kromhout, H, Boffetta, P, Blair, A, Pearce, N.
PubMed: 18027852 "Case-control study of high risk occupations for bladder cancer in New Zealand" Int J Cancer (4.734) 122(6) [2008], pp. 1340-1346
Ege, MJ, Herzum, I, Buchele, G, Krauss-Etschmann, S, Lauener, RP, Bitter, S, Roponen, M, Remes, S, Vuitton, DA, Riedler, J, Brunekreef, B, Dalphin, JC, Braun-Fahrlander, C, Pekkanen, J, Renz, H, von Mutius, E.
PubMed: 18925886 "Specific IgE to allergens in cord blood is associated with maternal immunity to Toxoplasma gondii and rubella virus" Allergy (6.204) 63(11) [2008], pp. 1505-1511
Ege, MJ, Herzum, I, Buchele, G, Krauss-Etschmann, S, Lauener, RP, Roponen, M, Hyvarinen, A, Vuitton, DA, Riedler, J, Brunekreef, B, Dalphin, JC, Braun-Fahrlander, C, Pekkanen, J, Renz, H, von Mutius, E.
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Eisenberg, SW, Cacciatore, G, Klarenbeek, S, Bergwerff, AA, Koets, AP.
PubMed: 17588626 "Influence of 17beta-oestradiol, nortestosterone and dexamethasone on the adaptive immune response in veal calves" Res Vet Sci (1.384) 84(2) [2008], pp. 199-205
Eller, E, Roll, S, Chen, CM, Herbarth, O, Wichmann, HE, von Berg, A, Kramer, U, Mommers, M, Thijs, C, Wijga, A, Brunekreef, B, Fantini, MP, Bravi, F, Forastiere, F, Porta, D, Sunyer, J, Torrent, M, Host, A, Halken, S, Lodrup Carlsen, KC, Carlsen, KH, Wickman, M, Kull, I, Wahn, U, Willich, SN, Lau, S, Keil, T, Heinrich, J.
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Enes Dapkevicius, MLN, Nout, MJR, Rombouts, FM, Houben, JH.
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Gaastra, W, Boot, R, Ho, HT, Lipman, LJ.
PubMed: 19008054 "Rat bite fever" Vet Microbiol (2.370) 133(3) [2009], pp. 211-228
Gautrin, D, Ghezzo, H, Infante-Rivard, C, Magnan, M, L'Archeveque, J, Suarthana, E, Malo, JL.
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Gelder, A van, Spierenburg, A, Lipman, LJ.
PubMed: 18260559 "[Occupational dermatitis in veterinarians]" Tijdschr Diergeneeskd (0.309) 133(1) [2008], pp. 26-27
Goorhuis, A, Bakker, D, Corver, J, Debast, SB, Harmanus, C, Notermans, DW, Bergwerff, AA, Dekker, FW, Kuijper, EJ.
PubMed: 18808358 "Emergence of Clostridium difficile infection due to a new hypervirulent strain, polymerase chain reaction ribotype 078" Clin Infect Dis (3.556) 47(9) [2008], pp. 1162-1170
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Grauw, J de, Lipman, LJ.
PubMed: 18429404 "Fenylbutazon, het zwarte 'paard' in de NSAID-familie?" Tijdschr Diergeneeskd (0.309) 133(6) [2008], pp. 232-235
Haar, C de, Kool, M, Hassing, I, Bol, M, Lambrecht, BN, Pieters, R.
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Havelaar, AH, Galindo, AV, Kurowicka, D, Cooke, RM.
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Heederik, D.
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