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Output, Journal articles and reviewed book chapters 2007

Alguacil, J, Pfeiffer, RM, Moore, LE, Del Fresno, MR, Medina-Lopez, R, Kogevinas, M, Vermeulen, R, Dosemeci, M, Silverman, DT, Rothman, N, Garcia-Closas, M.
PubMed: 17334820 "Measurement of urine pH for epidemiological studies on bladder cancer" Eur J Epidemiol (1.605) 22(2) [2007], pp. 91-98
Annesi-Maesano, I, Forastiere, F, Kunzli, N, Brunekreef, B.
PubMed: 17329487 "Particulate matter, science and EU policy" Eur Respir J (5.076) 29(3) [2007], pp. 428-431
Assies, L, Eggenkamp, AE, Lipman, LJ.
PubMed: 17334149 "[Escherichia coli O157 in Dutch domesticated rabbits]" Tijdschr Diergeneeskd (0.188) 132(2) [2007], pp. 40-43
Beelen, R, Hoek, G, Fischer, P, Brandt, PA van den, Brunekreef, B.
"Estimated long-term outdoor air pollution concentrations in a cohort study" Atmos Environ (2.630) 41(7) [2007], pp. 1343-58
Bieli, C, Eder, W, Frei, R, Braun-Fahrlander, C, Klimecki, W, Waser, M, Riedler, J, Mutius, E von, Scheynius, A, Pershagen, G, Doekes, G, Lauener, R, Martinez, FD, The Parsifal Study Group.
PubMed: 17919709 "A polymorphism in CD14 modifies the effect of farm milk consumption on allergic diseases and CD14 gene expression" J Allergy Clin Immunol (8.829) 120(6) [2007], pp. 1308-1315
Blaauboer, BJ, Andersen, ME.
PubMed: 17262219 "The need for a new toxicity testing and risk analysis paradigm to implement REACH or any other large scale testing initiative" Arch Toxicol (1.787) 81(5) [2007], pp. 385-7
Bodaan, C, Nihof, AM, Postigo, M, Nieuwenhuijs, H, Opsteegh, M, Franssen, L, Jebbink, F, Jansen, S, Jongejan, F.
PubMed: 17649748 "[Ticks and tick borne pathogens in domestic animals in the Netherlands]" Tijdschr Diergeneeskd (0.188) 132(13) [2007], pp. 517-523
Boffetta, P, Hel, O van der, Norppa, H, Fabianova, E, Fucic, A, Gundy, S, Lazutka, J, Cebulska-Wasilewska, A, Puskailerova, D, Znaor, A, Kelecsenyi, Z, Kurtinaitis, J, Rachtan, J, Forni, A, Vermeulen, R, Bonassi, S.
PubMed: 17071846 "Chromosomal aberrations and cancer risk: results of a cohort study from Central Europe" Am J Epidemiol (5.241) 165(1) [2007], pp. 36-43
Bokkers, BG, Slob, W.
PubMed: 17612951 "Deriving a data-based interspecies assessment factor using the NOAEL and the benchmark dose approach" Crit Rev Toxicol (3.707) 37(5) [2007], pp. 355-373
Bouvier d'Yvoire, M, Prieto, P, Blaauboer, B, Bois, F, Boobis, A, Brochot, C, Coecke, S, Freidig, A, Gundert-Remy, U, Hartung, T, Jacobs, M, Lave, T, Leahy, D, Lennernas, H, Loizou, G, Meek, B, Pease, C, Rowland, M, Spendiff, M, Yang, J, Zeilmaker, M.
PubMed: 18186671 "Physiologically-based Kinetic Modelling (PBK Modelling): Meeting the 3Rs agenda. The report and recommendations of ECVAM Workshop 63" Altern Lab Anim (0.710) 35(6) [2007], pp. 661-671
Bovee, TF, Helsdingen, RJ, Hamers, AR, Duursen, MB van, Nielen, MW, Hoogenboom, RL.
PubMed: 17849102 "A new highly specific and robust yeast androgen bioassay for the detection of agonists and antagonists" Anal Bioanal Chem (2.591) 389(5) [2007], pp. 1549-1558
Brauer, M, Hoek, G, Smit, HA, Jongste, JC de, Gerritsen, J, Postma, DS, Kerkhof, M, Brunekreef, B.
PubMed: 17251230 "Air pollution and development of asthma, allergy and infections in a birth cohort" Eur Respir J (5.076) 29(5) [2007], pp. 879-888
Bree, L van, Fudge, N, Tuomisto, JT, Brunekreef, B.
PubMed: 17365601 "Closing the gap between science and policy on air pollution and health" J Toxicol Environ Health A (1.811) 70(3-4) [2007], pp. 377-381
Brunekreef, B.
"Health effects of air pollution observed in cohort studies in Europe" J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol (2.492) 17(S2) [2007], pp. S61-S65
Brunekreef, B, Miller, BG, Hurley, JF.
PubMed: 18049188 "The brave new world of lives sacrificed and saved, deaths attributed and avoided" Epidemiology (4.339) 18(6) [2007], pp. 785-788
Burstyn, I, Kromhout, H, Johansen, C, Langard, S, Kauppinen, T, Shaham, J, Ferro, G, Boffetta, P.
PubMed: 17332134 "Bladder cancer incidence and exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons among asphalt pavers" Occup Environ Med (2.255) 64(8) [2007], pp. 520-526
Burt, SA, Fledderman, MJ, Haagsman, HP, Knapen, F van, Veldhuizen, EJ.
PubMed: 17553584 "Inhibition of Salmonella enterica serotype Enteritidis on agar and raw chicken by carvacrol vapour" Int J Food Microbiol (2.608) 119(3) [2007], pp. 346-350
Burt, SA, Zee, R van der, Koets, AP, Graaff, AM de, Knapen, F van, Gaastra, W, Haagsman, HP, Veldhuizen, EJ.
PubMed: 17526792 "Carvacrol Induces Heat Shock Protein 60 and Inhibits Synthesis of Flagellin in Escherichia coli O157:H7" Appl Environ Microbiol (3.532) 73(14) [2007], pp. 4484-4490
Carfi, M, Gennari, A, Malerba, I, Corsini, E, Pallardy, M, Pieters, R, Van Loveren, H, Vohr, HW, Hartung, T, Gribaldo, L.
PubMed: 17092623 "In vitro tests to evaluate immunotoxicity: a preliminary study" Toxicology (2.685) 229(1-2) [2007], pp. 11-22
Castano-Vinyals, G, Talaska, G, Rothman, N, Alguacil, J, Garcia-Closas, M, Dosemeci, M, Cantor, KP, Malats, N, Real, FX, Silverman, D, Serra, C, Carrato, A, Tardon, A, Garcia-Closas, R, Kogevinas, M, Vermeulen, R.
PubMed: 17932365 "Bulky DNA adduct formation and risk of bladder cancer" Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev (4.289) 16(10) [2007], pp. 2155-2159
Caudri, D, Wijga, A, Gehring, U, Smit, HA, Brunekreef, B, Kerkhof, M, Hoekstra, M, Gerritsen, J, Jongste, JC de.
PubMed: 17290040 "Respiratory Symptoms in the First 7 Years of Life and Birth Weight at Term: The PIAMA Birth Cohort" Am J Respir Crit Care Med (9.091) 175(10) [2007], pp. 1078-1085
Chinn, S, Heinrich, J, Anto, JM, Janson, C, Norback, D, Olivieri, M, Svanes, C, Sunyer, J, Verlato, G, Wjst, M, Zock, JP, Burney, PG, Jarvis, DL.
PubMed: 17446334 "Bronchial responsiveness in atopic adults increases with exposure to cat allergen" Am J Respir Crit Care Med (9.091) 176(1) [2007], pp. 20-26
Creely, KS, Cowie, H, Van Tongeren, M, Kromhout, H, Tickner, J, Cherrie, JW.
PubMed: 17932083 "Trends in inhalation exposure a review of the data in the published scientific literature" Ann Occup Hyg 51(8) [2007], pp. 665-678
Curwin, BD, Hein, MJ, Sanderson, WT, Striley, C, Heederik, D, Kromhout, H, Reynolds, SJ, Alavanja, MC.
PubMed: 17659274 "Pesticide dose estimates for children of Iowa farmers and non-farmers" Environ Res (2.556) 105(3) [2007], pp. 307-315
Curwin, BD, Hein, MJ, Sanderson, WT, Striley, C, Heederik, D, Kromhout, H, Reynolds, SJ, Alavanja, MC.
PubMed: 16984946 "Urinary Pesticide Concentrations Among Children, Mothers and Fathers Living in Farm and Non-Farm Households in Iowa" Ann Occup Hyg (1.919) 51(1) [2007], pp. 53-65
Dingemans, MM, Ramakers, GM, Gardoni, F, Kleef, RG van, Bergman, A, Di Luca, M, Berg, M van den, Westerink, RH, Vijverberg, HP.
PubMed: 17589592 "Neonatal exposure to brominated flame retardant BDE-47 reduces long-term potentiation and postsynaptic protein levels in mouse hippocampus" Environ Health Perspect (5.861) 115(6) [2007], pp. 865-870
Droge, ST, Hermens, JL.
PubMed: 17539525 "Nonlinear sorption of three alcohol ethoxylates to marine sediment: a combined Langmuir and linear sorption process?" Environ Sci Technol (4.040) 41(9) [2007], pp. 3192-3198
Droge, ST, Sinnige, TL, Hermens, JL.
PubMed: 17338502 "Analysis of freely dissolved alcohol ethoxylate homologues in various seawater matrixes using solid-phase microextraction" Anal Chem (5.646) 79(7) [2007], pp. 2885-2891
Durjava, MK, Ter Laak, TL, Hermens, JL, Struijs, J.
PubMed: 17175005 "Distribution of PAHs and PCBs to dissolved organic matter: High distribution coefficients with consequences for environmental fate modeling" Chemosphere (2.442) 67(5) [2007], pp. 990-997
Ege, MJ, Frei, R, Bieli, C, Schram-Bijkerk, D, Waser, M, Benz, MR, Weiss, G, Nyberg, F, Hage, M van, Pershagen, G, Brunekreef, B, Riedler, J, Lauener, R, Braun-Fahrlander, C, Mutius, E von.
PubMed: 17349684 "Not all farming environments protect against the development of asthma and wheeze in children" J Allergy Clin Immunol (8.829) 119(5) [2007], pp. 1140-1147
Forsby, A, Blaauboer, B.
PubMed: 17615114 "Integration of in vitro neurotoxicity data with biokinetic modelling for the estimation of in vivo neurotoxicity" Hum Exp Toxicol (1.122) 26(4) [2007], pp. 333-338
Fransman, W.
PubMed: 17378488 "Cytostatica: beroepsmatige blootstelling en gezondheidsrisico's" Tijdschr Diergeneeskd (0.188) 132(5) [2007], pp. 168-171
Fransman, W, Huizer, D, Tuerk, J, Kromhout, H.
PubMed: 17021843 "Inhalation and dermal exposure to eight antineoplastic drugs in an industrial laundry facility" Int Arch Occup Environ Health (1.520) 80(5) [2007], pp. 396-403
Fransman, W, Peelen, S, Hilhorst, S, Roeleveld, N, Heederik, D, Kromhout, H.
PubMed: 17337460 "A pooled analysis to study trends in exposure to antineoplastic drugs among nurses" Ann Occup Hyg (1.919) 51(3) [2007], pp. 231-239
Fransman, W, Roeleveld, N, Peelen, S, Kort, W de, Kromhout, H, Heederik, D.
PubMed: 17099323 "Nurses with dermal exposure to antineoplastic drugs: reproductive outcomes" Epidemiology (4.339) 18(1) [2007], pp. 112-119
Fucic, A, Znaor, A, Strnad, M, Hel, O van der, Aleksandrov, A, Miskov, S, Grah, J, Sedlar, M, Jazbec, AM, Ceppi, M, Vermeulen, R, Boffetta, P, Norppa, H, Bonassi, S.
PubMed: 17651925 "Chromosome damage and cancer risk in the workplace: the example of cytogenetic surveillance in Croatia" Toxicol Lett (2.784) 172(1-2) [2007], pp. 4-11
Gehring, U, Heinrich, J, Hoek, G, Giovannangelo, M, Nordling, E, Bellander, T, Gerritsen, J, Jongste, JC de, Smit, HA, Wichmann, HE, Wickman, M, Brunekreef, B.
PubMed: 17331967 "Bacteria and mould components in house dust and children's allergic sensitisation" Eur Respir J (5.076) 29(6) [2007], pp. 1144-1153
Gent, R van, Ent, CK van der, Rovers, MM, Kimpen, JL, Essen-Zandvliet, LE van, Meer, G de.
PubMed: 17208288 "Excessive body weight is associated with additional loss of quality of life in children with asthma" J Allergy Clin Immunol (8.829) 119(3) [2007], pp. 591-596
Gent, R van, Ent, CK van der, Essen-Zandvliet, LE van, Rovers, MM, Kimpen, JL, Meer, G de, Klijn, PH.
PubMed: 17902143 "No differences in physical activity in (un)diagnosed asthma and healthy controls" Pediatr Pulmonol (1.965) 42(11) [2007], pp. 1018-1023
Gent, R van, Essen-Zandvliet, LE van, Rovers, MM, Kimpen, JL, Meer, G de, Ent, CK van der.
PubMed: 17652315 "Poor perception of dyspnoea in children with undiagnosed asthma" Eur Respir J (5.076) 30(5) [2007], pp. 887-891
Gent, R van, Essen, LE van, Rovers, MM, Kimpen, JL, Ent, CK van der, Meer, G de.
PubMed: 17589815 "Quality of life in children with undiagnosed and diagnosed asthma" Eur J Pediatr (1.137) 166(8) [2007], pp. 843-848
Gerlofs-Nijland, ME, Dormans, JA, Bloemen, HJ, Leseman, DL, John, A, Boere, F, Kelly, FJ, Mudway, IS, Jimenez, AA, Donaldson, K, Guastadisegni, C, Janssen, NA, Brunekreef, B, Sandstrom, T, Bree, L van, Cassee, FR.
PubMed: 17957546 "Toxicity of coarse and fine particulate matter from sites with contrasting traffic profiles" Inhal Toxicol (2.167) 19(13) [2007], pp. 1055-1069
Giovannangelo, M, Gehring, U, Nordling, E, Oldenwening, M, Terpstra, G, Bellander, T, Hoek, G, Heinrich, J, Brunekreef, B.
PubMed: 17257154 "Determinants of house dust endotoxin in three European countries - the AIRALLERG study" Indoor Air (2.057) 17(1) [2007], pp. 70-79
Giovannangelo, M, Nordling, E, Gehring, U, Oldenwening, M, Bellander, T, Heinrich, J, Hoek, G, Brunekreef, B.
PubMed: 16598184 "Variation of biocontaminant levels within and between homes - the AIRALLERG study" J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol (2.492) 17(2) [2007], pp. 134-140
Giovannangelo, ME, Gehring, U, Nordling, E, Oldenwening, M, Rijswijk, K van, Wind, S de, Hoek, G, Heinrich, J, Bellander, T, Brunekreef, B.
PubMed: 16859747 "Levels and determinants of beta(1 -- >3)-glucans and fungal extracellular polysaccharides in house dust of (pre-)schoolchildren in three European countries" Environ Int (2.626) 33(1) [2007], pp. 9-16
Gomez-Olles, S, Cruz, MJ, Bogdanovic, J, Wouters, IM, Doekes, G, Sander, I, Morell, F, Rodrigo, MJ.
PubMed: 17927797 "Assessment of soy aeroallergen levels in different work environments" Clin Exp Allergy (3.668) 37(12) [2007], pp. 1863-1872
Grievink, L, Velden, PG van der, Stellato, RK, Dusseldorp, A, Gersons, BP, Kleber, RJ, Lebret, E.
PubMed: 17320920 "A longitudinal comparative study of the physical and mental health problems of affected residents of the firework disaster Enschede, The Netherlands" Public Health (0.926) 121(5) [2007], pp. 367-374
Gunter, MJ, Divi, RL, Kulldorff, M, Vermeulen, R, Haverkos, KJ, Kuo, MM, Strickland, P, Poirier, MC, Rothman, N, Sinha, R.
PubMed: 17277232 "Leukocyte polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-DNA adduct formation and colorectal adenoma" Carcinogenesis (5.366) 28(7) [2007], pp. 1426-1429
Halstensen, AS, Nordby, KC, Wouters, IM, Eduard, W.
PubMed: 17905736 "Determinants of microbial exposure in grain farming" Ann Occup Hyg (1.919) 51(7) [2007], pp. 581-592
Happo, MS, Salonen, RO, Halinen, AI, Jalava, PI, Pennanen, AS, Kosma, VM, Sillanpaa, M, Hillamo, R, Brunekreef, B, Katsouyanni, K, Sunyer, J, Hirvonen, M-R.
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PubMed: 17479945 "Disease burden of congenital toxoplasmosis" Clin Infect Dis (6.186) 44(11) [2007], pp. 1467-1474
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Havelaar, AH, Nauta, MJ.
PubMed: 17969601 "'Second-order modeling of variability and uncertainty in microbial hazard characterization', A comment on: J. Food Prot. 70(2):363-372 (2007)" J Food Prot (1.921) 70(10) [2007], pp. 2228-2229
Heederik, D, Sigsgaard, T, Thorne, PS, Kline, JN, Avery, R, Bonlokke, JH, Chrischilles, EA, Dosman, JA, Duchaine, C, Kirkhorn, SR, Kulhankova, K, Merchant, JA.
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"Twee landelijke explosies van gastro-enteritis door filet americain in 2005: Mogelijkheden voor het terugdringen van gastro-enteritis door rauwe rundvleesproducten" Infectieziekten-bulletin 18(7) [2007], pp. 248-252
Hunault, CC, Lambers, AC, Mensinga, TT, Isselt, JW van, Koppeschaar, HP, Meulenbelt, J.
PubMed: 17980977 "Effects of sub-chronic nitrate exposure on the thyroidal function in humans" Toxicol Lett (2.784) 175(1-3) [2007], pp. 64-70
Jacobs-van der Bruggen, MA, Wijga, AH, Brunekreef, B, Jongste, JC de, Baan, CA, Kerkhof, M, Smit, HA.
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Kromhout, H, Vermeulen, R.
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