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Output, Journal articles and reviewed book chapters 2005

Airoldi L, Vineis P, Colombi A, Olgiati L, Dell'Osta C, Fanelli R, Manzi L, Veglia F, Autrup H, Dunning A, Garte S, Hainaut P, Hoek G, Krzyzanowski M, Malaveille C, Matullo G, Overvad K, Tjonneland A, Clavel-Chapelon F, Linseisen J, Boeing H, Trichopoulou A, Palli D, Peluso M, Krogh V, Tumino R, Panico S, Bueno-De-Mesquita HB, Peeters PH, Lund E, Agudo A, Martinez C, Dorronsoro M, Barricarte A, Chirlaque MD, Quiros JR, Berglund G, Jarvholm B, Hallmans G, Day NE, Allen N, Saracci R, Kaaks R, Riboli E.
PubMed: 161722194-Aminobiphenyl-hemoglobin adducts and risk of smoking-related disease in never smokers and former smokers in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition prospective study Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev (4.460) 14(9)[2005], pp. 2118-24
Altenburger R, Schmitt H, Schuurmann G.
PubMed: 15719992Algal toxicity of nitrobenzenes: combined effect analysis as a pharmacological probe for similar modes of interaction Environ Toxicol Chem (2.414) 24(2)[2005], pp. 324-33
Auci D, Nicoletti F, Mangano K, Pieters R, Nierkens S, Morgan L, Offner H, Frincke J, Reading C.
PubMed: 16127013Anti-inflammatory and Immune Regulatory Properties of 5-Androsten-3, 17-Diol (HE2100), and Synthetic Analogue HE3204: Implications for Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases Ann N Y Acad Sci (1.971) 1051[2005], pp. 730-42
Berg B van den, Grievink L, Stellato RK, Yzermans CJ, Lebret E.
PubMed: 16287770Symptoms and related functioning in a traumatized community Arch Intern Med (8.016) 165(20)[2005], pp. 2402-7
Berg B van den, Grievink L, Yzermans J, Lebret E.
PubMed: 15958430Medically unexplained physical symptoms in the aftermath of disasters Epidemiol Rev 27[2005], pp. 92-106
Boezen HM, Vonk JM, Zee SC van der, Gerritsen J, Hoek G, Brunekreef B, Schouten JP, Postma DS.
PubMed: 15929956Susceptibility to air pollution in elderly males and females Eur Respir J (3.947) 25(6)[2005], pp. 1018-24
Bokkers BG, Slob W.
PubMed: 15772368A comparison of ratio distributions based on the NOAEL and the benchmark approach for subchronic-to-chronic extrapolation Toxicol Sci (3.088) 85(2)[2005], pp. 1033-40
Bosgra S, Bos PM, Vermeire TG, Luit RJ, Slob W.
PubMed: 16099565Probabilistic risk characterization: an example with di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate Regul Toxicol Pharmacol (1.561) 43(1)[2005], pp. 104-13
Bosgra S, Mennes W, Seinen W.
PubMed: 15588922Proceedings in uncovering the mechanism behind peroxisome proliferator-induced hepatocarcinogenesis Toxicology (2.584) 206(3)[2005], pp. 309-23
Brink H ten, Hoek G, Khlystov A.
An approach to monitor the fraction of elemental carbon in the ultrafine aerosol Atmos Environ (2.724) 39(33)[2005], pp. 6255-59
Brunekreef B.
PubMed: 15901878Out of Africa Occup Environ Med (1.934) 62(6)[2005], pp. 351-2
Brunekreef B.
Verkeersgerelateerde luchtverontreiniging en gezondheid ArenA 1[2005], pp. 2-6
Brunekreef B, Forsberg B.
PubMed: 16055881Epidemiological evidence of effects of coarse airborne particles on health Eur Respir J (3.947) 26(2)[2005], pp. 309-18
Brunekreef B, Janssen NA, Hartog JJ de, Oldenwening M, Meliefste K, Hoek G, Lanki T, Timonen KL, Vallius M, Pekkanen J, Grieken R van.
PubMed: 15916017Personal, indoor, and outdoor exposures to PM2.5 and its components for groups of cardiovascular patients in Amsterdam and Helsinki Res Rep Health Eff Inst Jan(127)[2005], pp. 1-70; discussio
Brunekreef B, Strien R van, Pronk A, Oldenwening M, Jongste JC de, Wijga A, Kerkhof M, Aalberse RC.
PubMed: 15969692La mano de DIOS...was the PIAMA intervention study intervened upon? Allergy (4.120) 60(8)[2005], pp. 1083-6
Brussee JE, Smit HA, Kerkhof M, Koopman LP, Wijga AH, Postma DS, Gerritsen J, Grobbee DE, Brunekreef B, Jongste JC de.
PubMed: 15738288Exhaled nitric oxide in 4-year-old children: relationship with asthma and atopy Eur Respir J (3.947) 25(3)[2005], pp. 455-61
Brussee JE, Smit HA, Strien RT van, Corver K, Kerkhof M, Wijga AH, Aalberse RC, Postma D, Gerritsen J, Grobbee DE, Jongste JC de, Brunekreef B.
PubMed: 15867850Allergen exposure in infancy and the development of sensitization, wheeze, and asthma at 4 years J Allergy Clin Immunol (7.667) 115(5)[2005], pp. 946-52
Burstyn I, Kromhout H, Partanen T, Svane O, Langard S, Ahrens W, Kauppinen T, Stucker I, Shaham J, Heederik D, Ferro G, Heikkila P, Hooiveld M, Johansen C, Randem BG, Boffetta P.
PubMed: 16222163Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and fatal ischemic heart disease Epidemiology (4.043) 16(6)[2005], pp. 744-50
Burt SA, Vlielander R, Haagsman HP, Veldhuizen EJ.
PubMed: 15895722Increase in activity of essential oil components carvacrol and thymol against Escherichia coli O157:H7 by addition of food stabilizers J Food Prot (1.687) 68(5)[2005], pp. 919-26
Chakeres DW, Vocht F de.
PubMed: 15556664Static magnetic field effects on human subjects related to magnetic resonance imaging systems Prog Biophys Mol Biol (5.148) 87(2-3)[2005], pp. 255-65
Coecke S, Blaauboer BJ, Elaut G, Freeman S, Freidig A, Gensmantel N, Hoet P, Kapoulas VM, Ladstetter B, Langley G, Leahy D, Mannens G, Meneguz A, Monshouwer M, Nemery B, Pelkonen O, Pfaller W, Prieto P, Proctor N, Rogiers V, Rostami-Hodjegan A, Sabbioni E, Steiling W, Sandt JJ van de.
PubMed: 16194147Toxicokinetics and metabolism Altern Lab Anim (0.670) 33 Suppl 1[2005], pp. 147-75
Cornelissen G, Gustafsson O, Bucheli TD, Jonker MT, Koelmans AA, Noort PC van.
PubMed: 16201609Extensive sorption of organic compounds to black carbon, coal, and kerogen in sediments and soils: mechanisms and consequences for distribution, bioaccumulation, and biodegradation Environ Sci Technol (4.054) 39(18)[2005], pp. 6881-95
Curwin BD, Hein MJ, Sanderson WT, Barr DB, Heederik D, Reynolds SJ, Ward EM, Alavanja MC.
PubMed: 15841098Urinary and hand wipe pesticide levels among farmers and nonfarmers in Iowa J Expo Anal Environ Epidemiol (1.684) 15(6)[2005], pp. 500-8
Cyrys J, Hochadel M, Gehring U, Hoek G, Diegmann V, Brunekreef B, Heinrich J.
PubMed: 16079068GIS-based estimation of exposure to particulate matter and NO2 in an urban area: stochastic versus dispersion modeling Environ Health Perspect (5.342) 113(8)[2005], pp. 987-92
Duursen MB van, Fernández Cantón RF, Kocan T, Sanderson JT, Kieviet K, Berg M van den.
PubMed: 15767365No effect of CYP1B1 Val432Leu polymorphism on CYP1B1 messenger RNA levels in an organochlorine-exposed population in Slovakia Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev (4.460) 14(3)[2005], pp. 755-6
Duursen MB van, Sanderson JT, Berg M van den.
PubMed: 15659568Cytochrome P450 1A1 and 1B1 in human blood lymphocytes are not suitable as biomarkers of exposure to dioxin-like compounds: polymorphisms and interindividual variation in expression and inducibility Toxicol Sci (3.088) 85(1)[2005], pp. 703-12
Eggesbo M, Botten G, Stigum H, Samuelsen SO, Brunekreef B, Magnus P.
PubMed: 16076303Cesarean delivery and cow milk allergy/intolerance Allergy (4.120) 60(9)[2005], pp. 1172-3
Elliott L, Heederik D, Marshall S, Peden D, Loomis D.
PubMed: 16234402Incidence of allergy and allergy symptoms among workers exposed to laboratory animals Occup Environ Med (1.934) 62(11)[2005], pp. 766-71
Elliott L, Heederik D, Marshall S, Peden D, Loomis D.
PubMed: 15990785Progression of self-reported symptoms in laboratory animal allergy J Allergy Clin Immunol (7.667) 116(1)[2005], pp. 127-32
Ezendam J, Kosterman K, Spijkerboer H, Bleumink R, Hassing I, Rooijen N van, Vos JG, Pieters R.
PubMed: 16271622Macrophages are involved in hexachlorobenzene-induced adverse immune effects Toxicol Appl Pharmacol (3.148) 209(1)[2005], pp. 19-27
Fernández Cantón RF, Sanderson JT, Letcher RJ, Bergman A, Berg M van den.
PubMed: 16177243Inhibition and induction of aromatase (CYP19) activity by brominated flame retardants in H295R human adrenocortical carcinoma cells Toxicol Sci (3.088) 88(2)[2005], pp. 447-55
Fransman W, Vermeulen R, Kromhout H.
PubMed: 15887018Dermal exposure to cyclophosphamide in hospitals during preparation, nursing and cleaning activities Int Arch Occup Environ Health (1.482) 78(5)[2005], pp. 403-12
Gehring U, Brunekreef B, Fahlbusch B, Wichmann HE, Heinrich J.
PubMed: 15969691Are house dust mite allergen levels influenced by cold winter weather? Allergy (4.120) 60(8)[2005], pp. 1079-82
Gennari A, Ban M, Braun A, Casati S, Corsini E, Dastych J, Descotes J, Hardung T, Hooghe-Peters R, House R, Palardy M, Pieters RHH, Reid L, Tryphonas H.
The use of in vitro systems for evaluating immunotoxicity: the report and recommendations of an EVCAM workshop J Immunotoxicol 2(2)[2005], pp. 61-83
Gubbels-van Hal WM, Blaauboer BJ, Barentsen HM, Hoitink MA, Meerts IA, Hoeven JC van der.
PubMed: 15979772An alternative approach for the safety evaluation of new and existing chemicals, an exercise in integrated testing Regul Toxicol Pharmacol (1.561) 42(3)[2005], pp. 284-95
Haar C de, Hassing I, Bol M, Bleumink R, Pieters R.
PubMed: 16014737Ultrafine carbon black particles cause early airway inflammation and have adjuvant activity in a mouse allergic airway disease model Toxicol Sci (3.088) 87(2)[2005], pp. 409-18
Hartog JJ de, Hoek G, Mirme A, Tuch T, Kos GP, Brink HM ten, Brunekreef B, Cyrys J, Heinrich J, Pitz M, Lanki T, Vallius M, Pekkanen J, Kreyling WG.
PubMed: 15798796Relationship between different size classes of particulate matter and meteorology in three European cities J Environ Monit (1.578) 7(4)[2005], pp. 302-10
Heederik D, Sigsgaard T.
PubMed: 15764902Respiratory allergy in agricultural workers: recent developments Curr Opin Allergy Clin Immunol 5(2)[2005], pp. 129-34
Heikens A, Sumarti S, Bergen M van, Widianarko B, Fokkert L, Leeuwen K van, Seinen W.
PubMed: 15993682The impact of the hyperacid Ijen Crater Lake: risks of excess fluoride to human health Sci Total Environ (2.224) 346(1-3)[2005], pp. 56-69
Heikens A, Widianarko B, Dewi IC, Boer JL de, Seinen W, Leeuwen K van.
PubMed: 16237603The Impact of the hyperacid Ijen Crater Lake. Part II: A total diet study Environ Geochem Health (0.471) 27(5-6)[2005], pp. 475-83
Heikens A, Widianarko B, Dewi IC, Boer JL de, Seinen W, Leeuwen K van.
PubMed: 16237597The impact of the hyperacid Ijen Crater Lake. Part I: Concentrations of elements in crops and soil Environ Geochem Health (0.471) 27(5-6)[2005], pp. 409-18
Heinrich J, Gehring U, Cyrys J, Brauer M, Hoek G, Fischer P, Bellander T, Brunekreef B.
PubMed: 16046603Exposure to traffic related air pollutants: self reported traffic intensity versus GIS modelled exposure Occup Environ Med (1.934) 62(8)[2005], pp. 517-23
Heneweer M, Muusse M, Dingemans M, Jong PC de, Berg M van den, Sanderson JT.
PubMed: 15525692Co-culture of primary human mammary fibroblasts and MCF-7 cells as an in vitro breast cancer model Toxicol Sci (3.088) 83(2)[2005], pp. 257-63
Heneweer M, Muusse M, Berg M van den, Sanderson JT.
PubMed: 16183391Additive estrogenic effects of mixtures of frequently used UV filters on pS2-gene transcription in MCF-7 cells Toxicol Appl Pharmacol (3.148) 208(2)[2005], pp. 170-7
Heneweer M, Berg M van den, Geest MC de, Jong PC de, Bergman A, Sanderson JT.
PubMed: 15589976Inhibition of aromatase activity by methyl sulfonyl PCB metabolites in primary culture of human mammary fibroblasts Toxicol Appl Pharmacol (3.148) 202(1)[2005], pp. 50-8
Houben JH.
A survey of dry-salted natural casings for the presence of Salmonella spp., Listeria monocytogenes and sulphite-reducing Clostridium spores Food Microbiol (1.592) 22(2-3)[2005], pp. 221-5
Jager T, Wal L van der, Fleuren RH, Barendregt A, Hermens JL.
PubMed: 15667108Bioaccumulation of organic chemicals in contaminated soils: evaluation of bioassays with earthworms Environ Sci Technol (4.054) 39(1)[2005], pp. 293-8
Janssen NA, Lanki T, Hoek G, Vallius M, Hartog JJ de, Grieken R van, Pekkanen J, Brunekreef B.
PubMed: 16299096Associations between ambient, personal, and indoor exposure to fine particulate matter constituents in Dutch and Finnish panels of cardiovascular patients Occup Environ Med (1.934) 62(12)[2005], pp. 868-77
Jonker MT, Hawthorne SB, Koelmans AA.
PubMed: 16295852Extremely slowly desorbing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from soot and soot-like materials: evidence by supercritical fluid extraction Environ Sci Technol (4.054) 39(20)[2005], pp. 7889-95
Jorgensen F, Kroese AB.
PubMed: 16266369Ion channel regulation of the dynamical instability of the resting membrane potential in saccular hair cells of the green frog (Rana esculenta) Acta Physiol Scand (2.865) 185(4)[2005], pp. 271-90
Kerkhof M, Wijga A, Smit HA, Jongste JC de, Aalberse RC, Brunekreef B, Gerritsen J, Postma DS.
PubMed: 15693906The effect of prenatal exposure on total IgE at birth and sensitization at twelve months and four years of age: The PIAMA study Pediatr Allergy Immunol (2.126) 16(1)[2005], pp. 10-8
Knacker T, Duis K, Ternes T, Fenner K, Escher B, Schmitt H, Rombke J, Garric J, Hutchinson T, Boxall AB.
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Koolmees PA.
50 jaar onderweg. Terugblik en vooruitblik op het museum diergeneeskunde Argos[2005], pp. 60-6
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Verslag van de paneldiscussie over de toekomst van het museum Diergeneeskunde, gehouden op donderdag 4 november 2004 Argos[2005], pp. 71-3
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Microbiologische veiligheid van natuurdarmen Voedingsmiddelentechnologie 23[2005], pp. 14-5
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PubMed: 15829616The threshold of toxicological concern concept in risk assessment Toxicol Sci (3.088) 86(2)[2005], pp. 226-30
Kromhout H.
PubMed: 15961615Assessing historical exposure is like solving a mystery Occup Environ Med (1.934) 62(7)[2005], pp. 429-30
Kromhout H, Heederik D.
PubMed: 16190147Effects of errors in the measurement of agricultural exposures Scand J Work Environ Health (1.820) 31 Suppl 1[2005], pp. 33-8; discussio
Laak TL ter, Durjava M, Struijs J, Hermens JL.
PubMed: 15952379Solid phase dosing and sampling technique to determine partition coefficients of hydrophobic chemicals in complex matrixes Environ Sci Technol (4.054) 39(10)[2005], pp. 3736-42
Laak TL ter, Mayer P, Busser FJ, Klamer HJ, Hermens JL.
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Letcher RJ, Sanderson JT, Bokkers A, Giesy JP, Berg M van den.
PubMed: 15907334Effects of bisphenol A-related diphenylalkanes on vitellogenin production in male carp (Cyprinus carpio) hepatocytes and aromatase (CYP19) activity in human H295R adrenocortical carcinoma cells Toxicol Appl Pharmacol (3.148) 209(2)[2005], pp. 95-104
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Matheson MC, Benke G, Raven J, Sim MR, Kromhout H, Vermeulen R, Johns DP, Walters EH, Abramson MJ.
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Meer G de, Janssen NA, Brunekreef B.
PubMed: 15813806Early childhood environment related to microbial exposure and the occurrence of atopic disease at school age Allergy (4.120) 60(5)[2005], pp. 619-25
Meer G de, Marks GB, Jongste JC de, Brunekreef B.
PubMed: 15640337Airway responsiveness to hypertonic saline: dose-response slope or PD15? Eur Respir J (3.947) 25(1)[2005], pp. 153-8
Meer G de, Amsterdam JGC van, Janssen NA, Meijer E, Steerenberg PA, Brunekreef B.
PubMed: 16266381Exhaled nitric oxide predicts airway hyper-responsiveness to hypertonic saline in children that wheeze Allergy (4.120) 60(12)[2005], pp. 1499-504
Melen E, Bruce S, Doekes G, Kabesch M, Laitinen T, Lauener R, Lindgren CM, Riedler J, Scheynius A, Hage-Hamsten M van, Kere J, Pershagen G, Wickman M, Nyberg F.
PubMed: 15710598Haplotypes of G protein-coupled receptor 154 are associated with childhood allergy and asthma Am J Respir Crit Care Med (8.689) 171(10)[2005], pp. 1089-95
Nafstad P, Brunekreef B, Skrondal A, Nystad W.
PubMed: 16061578Early respiratory infections, asthma, and allergy: 10-year follow-up of the Oslo Birth Cohort Pediatrics (4.272) 116(2)[2005], pp. e255-62
Nierkens S, Aalbers M, Bol M, Bleumink R, Kooten P van, Boon L, Pieters R.
PubMed: 16148116Differential requirement for CD28/CTLA-4-CD80/CD86 interactions in drug-induced type 1 and type 2 immune responses to trinitrophenyl-ovalbumin J Immunol (6.387) 175(6)[2005], pp. 3707-14
Nierkens S, Aalbers M, Bol M, Wijk F van, Hassing I, Pieters R.
PubMed: 15509662Development of an oral exposure mouse model to predict drug-induced hypersensitivity reactions by using reporter antigens Toxicol Sci (3.088) 83(2)[2005], pp. 273-81
Nierkens S, Bleumink ARJ, Boon L, Pieters RHH.
Drug-induced type 1 and type 2 immune responses are characterized by distinct profiles of cell kinetics, cytokine production, and expression of co-stimulatory molecules in the popliteal lymph node assay J Immunotoxicol 2(3)[2005], pp. 141-50
Nierkens S, Bleumink R, Bol M, Hassing I, Rooijen N van, Pieters R.
PubMed: 15892581The reactive D-glucopyranose moiety of streptozotocin is responsible for activation of macrophages and subsequent stimulation of CD8+ T cells Chem Res Toxicol (3.339) 18(5)[2005], pp. 872-9
Nierkens S, Pieters R.
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PubMed: 16363447Risk assessment of silicosis and lung cancer among construction workers exposed to respirable quartz Scand J Work Environ Health (1.820) 31 Suppl 2[2005], pp. 49-56
Noort PC van, Jonker MT, Koelmans AA.
Response to Comment on "Modeling Maximum Adsorption Capacities of Soot and Soot-like Materials for PAHs and PCBs" Environ Sci Technol (4.054) 39(1)[2005], pp. 383-4
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Otero-Lobato MJ, Kaats-Richters VE, Koper C, Vlietstra EJ, Havenith RW, Jenneskens LW, Seinen W.
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