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Output, Journal articles and reviewed book chapters 2002

Albers R, Bol M, Bleumink R, Willems A, Blonk C, Pieters R.
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Brunekreef B.
PubMed: 12094089After the wall. Epidemiology (3.962) 13(4)[2002], pp. 376-8
Brunekreef B.
PubMed: 12449193Particulate matter and lung function growth in children: a 3-yr follow-up study in Austrian schoolchildren. Eur Respir J (2.931) 20(4)[2002], pp. 1354-1355; disc
Brunekreef B, Hoek G.
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Burstyn I, Kromhout H.
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Burstyn I, Kromhout H.
PubMed: 12176712A critique of Bayesian methods for retrospective exposure assessment. Ann Occup Hyg (1.262) 46(4)[2002], pp. 429-431; discus
Burstyn I, Kromhout H.
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Burstyn I, Randem B, Lien JE, Langard S, Kromhout H.
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Dorne JLCM, Walton K, Slob W, Renwick AG.
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Evaluatie van de methode voor beoordeling van blootstelling door Solvent Teams. Tijdschr Toegepaste Arbowet 15[2002], pp. 24-31
Gehring U, Cyrys J, Sedlmeir G, Brunekreef B, Bellander T, Fischer P, Bauer CP, Reinhardt D, Wichmann HE, Heinrich J.
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Gennari A, Bleumink R, Viviani B, Galli CL, Marinovich M, Pieters R, Corsini E.
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Heederik D, Thorne PS, Doekes G.
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Janssen NA, Schwartz J, Zanobetti A, Suh HH.
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