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Output, Journal articles and reviewed book chapters 2000

Artola Garicano E, Vaes WHJ, Hermens JLM.
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Brunekreef B.
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Brunekreef B.
What properties of particulate matter are responsible for health effects?. Inhal Toxicol (0.983) 12(Suppleme)[2000], pp. S15-8
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Is SO2 a causative factor for the pm-associated mortality risks in The Netherlands. Inhal Toxicol (0.983) 12(Suppleme)[2000], pp. S55-60
Burstyn I, Kromhout H.
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Burstyn I, Kromhout H, Boffetta P.
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Burstyn I, Kromhout H, Cruise PJ, Brennan P.
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