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International short courses

Molecular Epidemiology of Chronic Disease and the Exposome
13 – 17 June 2016, Utrecht, The Netherlands


This course introduces the concepts, principles, and use of molecular methods in epidemiologic research. Topics that will be covered include: introduction into platforms (epigenetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics), implementation of molecular markers in epidemiology, the role of molecular epidemiology in the analysis of the exposome, and practical examples of molecular epidemiological studies. In addition, the course will feature a specific module on the challenges of statistical analysis of molecular epidemiological studies consisting of lectures and practical work.


The objective of the course is to provide participants with insight in the principles of molecular epidemiology and practical skills to analyze molecular epidemiological studies.

Course outline Theoretical modules will be mixed with practical exercises. A preliminary programme of the course can be downloaded here: Flyer_MEC_2016.pdf
Target group

(PhD) students and (postdoctoral) researchers from epidemiology, biology, medicine, statistics, and related fields, non-academics interested in understanding molecular epidemiological studies.

Language The course will be conducted in English.
Text Molecular Epidemiology: Principles and Practices 2011 (IARC Scientific Publication 163).
Faculty Scientific staff of IRAS, Imperial College London (UK), and others.
Course co-directors Roel Vermeulen & Jelle Vlaanderen.
Location The course will take place at Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Registration fee The registration fee is €1,000.- for the short course, including course materials.
Deadline for registration Final registration date is June 01, 2016.
Maximum number of participants is 24.
Application form An application form (MS Word) for this course can be downloaded here: registration_form_MEC_2016.docx
More information and registration

For further information, please contact the course co-ordinator:

Jelle Vlaanderen, PhD
Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences
Utrecht University
P.O.Box 80178
3508 TD Utrecht
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 30 253 5947
Fax +31 30 253 5077
E-mail: j.j.vlaanderen@uu.nl